As a blogger, I am constantly trying to make my blog better, varied and interesting. Keeping that in mind, I am starting a new section called Spotlight which as the name suggests puts the spotlight on new and upcoming designers. Today, I am going to introduce you to Mala Aroa–a mum, mumpreneur, artist and a painter who does everything from acrylic painting to digital art. Here’s Mala in her own words.

Image Credit: Mala Arora

Image Credit: Mala Arora

I took my passion for art and turned it into a full-time job.

I am a visual artist and designer. I studied Fine Arts during my graduation and post graduation, (specialised in Painting) from India. I have always been inspired by my surroundings and I use different mediums to express my vision and myself. My most favourite mediums have been painting, photography, digital art, printmaking. And recently I have started using my creativity in designing home accessories and fashion accessories. Art and Crafts has always fascinated me. I knew from early age that I want to be an artist as I loved expressing my emotions through art. I have worked hard and extensively to emerge as a complete artist.

Image Credit: Mala Arora

Image Credit: Mala Arora

My daughter’s birth gave me the push to start my own business.

Before my daughter’s birth, I worked in the corporate world and also did some voluntary work to remain in touch with my freewill and creativity. However, being an artist I found at times difficult to get a complete freedom to stretch imagination and creativity within the employment. Almost three years ago, when I was blessed with a baby, don’t know what exactly happened but suddenly I got this motivation and confidence to start my own business. I also had the full support from my husband to follow my dream and thus Mala’s Art House was born.

Convincing others when I started out was the biggest challenge I faced. 

First of all, sometimes its difficult to prove to others around you what are you doing and why? As this is your and only your dream they can’t visualise it; so despite doubts you should continue to work towards your dream. I also realised, if you are giving your 100 % then they will soon start believing in your hard work and passion.

As an artist I can be good in my creations but a business comes along due to many other aspects too like marketing, sales, accounting.This compounds the challenge and complexity of starting a business. But there is good support available for new businesses. In my experience, social media has been biggest help for me in keeping me motivated and inspired.

Mala's Art House

I have crazy challenging days. 

The most interesting aspect of day is definitely creating, creating and creating things. I am either designing art, accessories or handicrafts.I just love doing it. The most challenging part is to establish myself in this dynamic, demanding yet beautiful designer market. But I know this is just temporary and I can work on this.

Image Credit: Mala Arora

Image Credit: Mala Arora

Balancing life with work is essential too. 

I believe in living in the moment and going with the flow. So, if I know that my family especially my daughter needs me more than my work then I will happily spend my time without any complaints or guilt. As working from home with little daughter, no one day can be same but once you realise this fact and work around, you can achieve what you want.

If you want to know more about Mala or see/purchase her line, you can check out her website as well pinterest and instagram. You can also check out her Facebook Page or follow her on Twitter. All images are a copyright of Mala Arora, do not copy them without her permission. 

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