Monday requires an extra dose of inspiration. This poem is my favourite, my respite for extra-inspiration days and something which never fails to uplift my spirit. Hope you enjoy this rendition and feel inspired 🙂



So rise my friends, rise. Don’t be afraid, rise!!

As a woman, I’ve always realised the pressure to look good (read thin). I recently went out on a dinner night with some girl friends and for about 25 minutes, the conversation was about how much weight they need to lose, how fat they feel yada yada. What was most surprising was that almost everyone in the group were already thin. And it dawned upon me how much granted we take our wonderful bodies, how abusive is our relationship with it to only think of it in a negative way. I am far from being thin, I am curvy and damn proud of my curves and yet I have never felt the need to hold my body in ransom, I nurture it, love it and celebrate it every single day, but yes even when I write this I feel the pressure to be thin, to be a certain size, to be a certain make because we have such twisted notion of beauty.

Yet, our bodies are such wonderful. It takes care of us, gives us strength. A mere look and I am convinced God put a lot of though when he made us women. And this post is a celebration of our bodies.

Sometimes when it is fully clothed, it makes your imagination run wild.

Sometimes when it is naked, it shows you the path of heaven.

Sometimes it dances in complete abandon; it is a symbol of joy.

Sometimes it pulls you from your despair; it is a symbol of hope.

Sometimes it runs a mile and pushes a ton of load; it is a symbol of endurance.

Sometimes it shrinks like a flower; it is a symbol of vanity.

My body is not mere numbers

But a wonderland.

The gentle curve of my hips

The luscious fullness of my lips

The contours of my neck

The strength of my spine

My body is this wonderland

That makes what I am.

Not mere numbers

That can never define me.

Now, enjoy this poem by Maya Angelou and think proudly of your body, of yourself.

Like a caged bird I feel

Who has forgotten to sing

Or spread her wings

Unknown shackles chain me

Stopping me to live my life

On my own terms.

I hear strong voices

From all around me

Of the people who matter

And those who don’t

Everybody telling me

What’s good and what’s not.

But somewhere

In the turning point of life

I have forgotten to listen

To the voice that matters the most

My inner self

My self.

It tells me to break free

From the norms that these

Unknown voices have bestowed on me

To break free

To fly high

To taste life

The way I want.

The caged bird wants to fly away in the sky.