“People will stare make it worth their while.”—Harry Winston

The past week Britain continued to feel the chill thanks to the cold wave. However, instead of complaining about my almost numb fingers and toes, I thought why not actually try and enjoy the season, if only for a tiny bit. After all, if you can’t beat them; join them right? So, I fished out this gem of a coat from my wardrobe and played around with it. Faux fur is one of favourite items. I have dressed it here, here and here.

faux fur fashion-9

faux fur fashion2-9

Faux fur is a trend that refuses to die. Each year it comes back in different avatars as trend makers and followers are just too eager to put it in the style map time after time. I definitely feel that with its obvious chic factor; it is an irrefutable shorthand to glamour.  It puts a pop of sophistication to a plain outfit and also takes a great ensemble to another level. At the same time, it has an undisputed edge to it.

faux fur fashion1-9

faux fur fashion3-9

In my outfit today, I have gone for layering (loads of) and used my faux fur coat for an elegant yet rebellious finish. I have worn it over a vest, thermal roll neck and an animal motif sweater. I have paired it with DIY ripped jeans. As it was an all black look, I decided to use my sugar-hued coat almost as afterthought. To finish, I have used woolen gloves, a simple clutch and leopard print boots. If you have been reading/following my blog, you would know that I love animal prints especially from the cat family.

faux fur fashion4-9

Coat: Select fashion (old), sweater: H &M (similar), roll neck: trespass, jeans: DIY, booties: M&S (sold out). 

So who says winter dressing has to be boring? With my handy tips you can definitely heat up even the coldest day. I love taking style pictures in ramshackle almost staid background. Here, I have used a parking lot (hence the sign). What can I say? I love contradicting factors.

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Mothers are all slightly insane—JD Salinger

The thing about being a mom is that you almost overnight become excellent in multitasking. It is alarming how quickly we women lose our confidence as we get embroiled daily taking care of another human being. We are Moms, masters of multitasking and no matter what that’s a quality we should be unashamedly proud of. Here are some multitasking activities that I have mastered ever since the arrival of my little one.

Image via google

Image via google

  • Working, studying and blogging while nursing.
  • Doing squats while brushing teeth because time is precious.
  • Sleeping (or trying to) while nursing and being baby’s all night buffet.
  • Cooking while entertaining and dancing like a clown for the little one.
  • Doing Kegels while watching TV.
  • Actually forgetting about damn Kegels and hurriedly having tea/coffee while watching TV with one eye on the baby.
  • Doing almost anything one-handed because the other is holding or soothing the baby.
  • Cleaning (okay just trying to clean) the house while playing with the baby.
  • Instead checking ASOS, Facebook, blog while playing.

Apparently, multitasking can shrink the brain. No wonder motherhood can make us a bit cuckoo.

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The earth whispered to her
like wind kissing the sky
Her muddled thoughts
like a fog stained glass
dissolved in the elusive light
and from there emerged
a determination strong
and steely like she once was.