Harissa Chicken recipe

As a nursing mum there are days when I am ALWAYS hungry. Nursing is definitely the toughest form of exercise that I’ve done that sometimes makes me unimaginably tired. As a mum, I’ve also realised that at times I simply forget to eat and binge on unnecessary junk items.

To get my eating habits back on track and to keep myself energised throughout the day, I have started doing some things that’s helping me immensely: I keep myself well-hydrated, I eat small portions every two hours and most importantly, I always have a protein source in my main meals. I also go for recipes that are quick and easy to make. The other day, I experimented a bit and made this dinner. My version of Harissa Chicken is easy to make, delicious and most importantly nutritious. 

You will need: A portion of chicken breast, store brought Harissa paste, lettuce leaves, cucumber,1-2 cloves of garlic, salad tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, cayenne pepper (optional) and bagel bread. 

Here’s how to make: 

1) Cut the chicken breast into bite sized portions and marinate it with 2-3 tablespoon of Harissa paste. Keep it aside for at least half an hour. 

2) While  the chicken is marinating, make your salad. Cut the cucumber, salad tomatoes and sun dried tomatoes. Mix in a touch of cayenne pepper. Drizzle some oil from sun dried tomatoes over the veggies. Give the salad a thorough mix. 

3) Heat a pan and add some olive oil (just a touch would do you can use spray oil if you wish). Take out the marinated chicken and cook it thoroughly for 5-10 mins. 

4) Cut the garlic clove into small pieces and roast it with some oil. You just need to brown it a bit. 

5) Put the cooked chicken and salad on a plate of lettuce leaf and garnish it with roasted garlic. 

6) Serve it with warm bagel bread and enjoy. 

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I loved rocking the craze of the season–the kimono here which complimented my pregnant body rather well and now I am using the kimono top for my postpartum curves.

postpartum fashion

postpartum fashion

The kimono top is the perfect dressier option when you want to feel extra special. My top tip: Pair it with a sleek pencil skirt for a true glam factor. 

postpartum fashion








postpartum fashion


Top: New look, Skirt: M&S, Booties: ASOS (old), Earrings: Topshop (old). 

A top like this only needs minimal accessories like statement earrings and booties for a simple yet chic style.

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Now that actress Olivia Wilde has gone on and made breast feeding glamorous, I thought why not write a poetry on this most natural act. There is a small disclaimer though: Breastfeeding might be natural but it is still a lot of hard work 😉

It’s boobies and babies,

It’s nursing and comforting,

It’s nourishing and nurturing.

It’s two hour feedings,

It’s demand and supply,

It’s tiring growth-spurts.

It’s bubba’s first champagne

The best food out there.

It’s tiny fingers

holding your hand.

It’s soothing smile,

A soft cooing sound,

A contented laughter,

The best bonding out there.

It’s love dribbling,


And Spraying.

It’s the best cardio out there

That makes you eat like a pig.

It’s health,


And sound sleep–but not for the mama.

When done in public,

It doesn’t make you a titillating tramp

But rather a nurturing goddess.

It is simply breastfeeding.


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Today, our little princess Aria is one month old. I still remember 7th of June crystal clear, when during the last stage of labour, my very awesome midwife Rose Mary kept me from yelling in pain and really made me push with all my energy, how despite my best efforts nothing happened. How she even threatened with a C-section after all the pain and drama. And how each second seemed like an eternity until my hubby with tears in his eyes told me, “I can see her head.” It was the only thing I needed to hear and Lo and behold, Aria came out roaring like a Lioness. (Aria in Hebrew means Lioness).

One month since then, I am still understanding what Motherhood means. What I can vouch for is this: its not all romance and play.

Motherhood is not the toughest job in the World.

I have often heard that Motherhood is the toughest job in the World. I will tell you this– It is not, it is a Calling which requires all your focus, energy and dedication. Two days after Aria was born, her weight dropped drastically– 11 percent. I was also having issues nursing her. For two and half weeks, I did not do anything else but nursed, nursed and nursed her to bring her weight back to normal. It was a rocky start but at the end we both turned the tide rather well. My Dad and hubby told my (another awesome) midwife Lynette that they have NEVER EVER seen me so focused or dedicated about anything. But that’s what being Mum means I guess: You want to do nothing but the best for your child sometimes even at the cost of your own comfort.

There is no room for self-doubt: From day one you will constantly wonder if you are doing the right thing and people even your own family will show their doubts about your skills and abilities but there is no room for self-doubt. You have to trust your instincts and do what you think is the best. I still have some trouble nursing her and I have to hear all sorts of comments but then sometimes after I’ve fed her, Aria gives me a little smile and I would like to think I am doing something right.

Sometimes you want to run away from all of this

Some times you feel like an utter fool for bringing out such a huge responsibility, this calling on to yourself. When you have slept less than three hours in 3 days you will feel like running away from all this because you wonder how will your ever cope up with the challenges yet to come. Motherhood is a life-alternating experience that will change your life and yourself in a matter of days. One day, you are happily enjoying Game of Thrones with your hubby and wondering about Tyrion’s fate and the next day you find yourself in labour room and going through the cycle of feeding, changing diapers, calming a little life. You will feel like you cannot take this anymore, you will feel like going somewhere far, far, far away but then your little one will hold your finger in their tiny palm rather tightly and you will relax instantly.

No one will be affected by their cries like you but there is no room for weakness: You share a weird bond with your little one. Even their tiniest cry will wake you up from deepest slumber. All your senses are heightened. Every time Aria cries my heart breaks but I’ve learnt one thing: there is only room for one baby. You have to, no matter what, roll up your sleeves, man up and take stock of the situation.

Motherhood is not for the faint hearted: Motherhood is exhilarating, exhausting, mind-numbing, emotional ride that will make you weepy for no apparent reason one moment, a raging, ungrateful prick another, a soothing, calming person one moment and a crazy lady the next. It is so emotional you will often wonder how you had these emotions in you at the first place. It is a truly self-less journey that will force you to put your little one’s needs ahead. It is not for the faint-hearted.

And yes, despite all this it is worth it.