I rarely like to explain my poetry or mindless musings as I call it but when I put this on my personal Facebook page, I was beyond surprised by all the kind words and encouragement. I thank all of my lovely friends and readers for being so wonderful. I love love stories and this one just came to my head rather randomly. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

After years he met her and was struck by her beauty. A beauty not found in books and magazines. Her eyes still danced but a slow, sensual waltz. Her face had tiny lines but her smile had a mystery. She laughed with nary a care for the world and her soul often joined. Her body was imperfect but those curves could twist anyone’s mind. She was the music and the muse. She was the poetry waiting to be told. And he knew he was in love. Stronger than ever.

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The earth whispered to her
like wind kissing the sky
Her muddled thoughts
like a fog stained glass
dissolved in the elusive light
and from there emerged
a determination strong
and steely like she once was.

“Fill your paper with the breathing’s of your heart.” —William Wordsworth

Image Credit: Google Images

Image Credit: Google Images

I am often asked by some people in my family and friends circle why do I blog especially since it barely gives me any income. Most people who ask me this question has no idea how helpful blogging has been for me. But I have been pondering about this question for sometime now and here are my top reasons for blogging.

1) I intend to use my voice:

I have a voice or voices and blogging is the perfect platform me to unleash my thoughts and express myself the best way.  By Voice, I obviously don’t mean a high-pitched, squeaky voice singing, “In the jungle, the mighty jungle,” to the little one and dancing like a clown. Even as a kid I used to keep a journal and blogging is an extension of that–a space for me to vent my emotions, rant and just be myself.

2) It is saving my sanity:

Being a first time mum is helluva crazy ride which can leave you utterly overwhelmed. As Sylvia Plath said, “I feel very still and empty, the way the eye of the tornado must feel moving dully along in the middle of the surrounding hullabaloo.” Blogging gives me some purpose in life, a mission and a feeling that I am more than just a wife and a mum.

3) It has definitely unleashed the inner stylist in me. 

Before starting a blog, I loved clothes and dressing up just like any other girl but since this blog, I am becoming more into a stylist. Style, I have always felt is like a form of art. It is merely not taking few pieces of garments and throwing it in. There’s so much of thinking involved to come up with a look and it really brings out my creative side. Dressing up and feeling good should not be luxury of few people who have money and time, it can be done easily by everyone. Everyone should have the opportunity to look and feel good and I hope my blog helps my readers to get in touch with their inner stylist.

4) I have made some great friends. 

Yes, we all know opening up yourself in the big bad world of internet can get you attention in a not-so good way but looking at the brighter side I have made some great friends–some are great poets, some are awesome stylists, some are great photographers, some are good cooks, some just make me laugh with their daily tidbits, some are curious travelers. All of them are interesting no one is boring or dangerous.

So, yes despite anybody’s misgivings I will blog, I will write because I am writer and that’s what writers do 🙂

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Co Coo

Crowed the cock

And my poor heart missed a beat

That the sword of morning came down

To cut me off from my lover

Twined in my arms.

Disclaimer: Taken from The Interior Landscape: Classical Tamil Love Poems by AK Ramanujam published by New York  Review Books.

Today’s guest poetry post is by Nitya who describes her journey as a traveler or a vagabond. Here it goes:

Treading along the glorious paths,

Amidst the endless stretch of mountains,

One becomes a tiny speck of dirt,

An insignificant part of Universe.

Yet it reaks of an unspoken philosophy,

That teaches you the Words of the Wise.

The cold wind that turns you numb,

The rains that drench you without warning,

The enormous size of the snow clad peaks,

Gives an enthralling sense of thrill,

That the world’s best Hash can’t-

A different kind of High.

The sound that you hear is the voice of God,

Reminding you of your insignificance,

Teaching you to stay humble.

Because without a warning,

Within a blink of an eye,

The wind may turn into a storm,

The calm sea may flash its turbulence.

Live now,

Live forever.

Watch where you go,

Remember what you leave.

Coz yesterday’s already gone,

Today is what you have,

And Tomorrow is just a hope.