She was living a dream

Captain of her Ship,

Master of her life.

Danced her own dance

To music only she could hear.

Engrossed in her solitude

Life passed her like a gradual wave.

She walked alone

Along the pathless woods,

She slept alone

Under the starry skies.

Never wavering.

Never floundering.  

Then came a traveler

Stumbled on her path.

A dreamer that

became a song her head.

Playing like a stuck record.

The tune increasing the

Crescendo with every step.

His tune no different from hers,

Yet so unlike.

Like a giant ocean

The traveler kissed her away

To a dreamland

Beyond her little world

Beyond her solitude.

Beyond her dream.


 PS: This poem is joint effort by my sister and me. Hope you enjoyed it. 

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If I could,
I would roam around the world,
Without a care or worry.
Tread along paths unknown,
And explore the magic around.
sing aloud with joy,
Not minding the tune.
dance an awkward dance,
And laugh away watching.
Meet unknown people,
Share a secret or two,
Never to see them again.
I would embed it in my mind forever.
If only I could,
I would rather have wings and fly.

PS: This is a guest post by my doc-baby sis Nitya aka Dolly