I am a girl living in dreams
Swimming against the
world’s current.
Guided by my endless
Guarded by the soft
whisper of my lover.

I am a girl living in dreams
With wings of desire.
With promise of freedom
breaking away from
the mundane human prison.

I am a girl living in dreams
Always rising like speckles of dust
Restless with a gay abandon.
Swimming even in the deep
end of the ocean.
I am a girl living in dreams.

Darkness abounds,
like a cloud of despair
I sit crest-fallen and down
Sorry for the death of my
Sweet dreams.

No one will know
The knots in my heart
Because I will smile
Through it all.
And from the depths of dashed hopes
will emerge a hero
who never stopped
praying or dreaming.
who stood up a tad taller
with each crushed dream.

A hero who never
stopped believing
A hero who took
everything on his stride.
A hero who simply marched ahead
with head held high.