Co Coo

Crowed the cock

And my poor heart missed a beat

That the sword of morning came down

To cut me off from my lover

Twined in my arms.

Disclaimer: Taken from The Interior Landscape: Classical Tamil Love Poems by AK Ramanujam published by New York  Review Books.

She was the scarlet lady,
The one with a reputation.
She made men go weak in their knees,
and women leave behind their inhibitations,
She made people do the unthinkable.
Often she was called the chemical
that fueled attraction,
Or the sin that drifted people apart,
There wasn’t anyone who had fallen to her charm.
Yet, her name was spoken only as a whisper,
Or hushed into silence.
And when the world celebrated love everyday,
Lust, went to bed everynight
With a glorious smile,
Because she had what no one had,
She had audacity.

Like the fallen russet leaves of autumn,
Her music stopped midway.
Like rain washing away sunshine,
Her dance left her footsteps.
Like waves crashing the sea bed,
Her song died a sudden death.
But she continued the hum the tune
During moments of loneliness.
Because to love and to be loved
Was better than to lose and have lost.

Love, the fickle little thing

like a pack of cards

hangs by a delicate thread.

One cruel word, 

One indifferent act

And it all comes crumbling down.

But at least  we can take respite

We once did feel the glorious

Feeling of Love.

Yes, Love and other things

A roller-coaster ride

A joyous, little pain 

That’s Love and other things.


Her eyes, his lips
Her palm, his hands
Her whispers, his promises
Her God, his Goddess
Her curves, his embrace
under the black starry skies
amidst the soft kissing winds
the two melted into each other
and became one.