“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” — Bill Cunningham

Learning the fine act of balancing things is certainly the toughest thing I have learnt as a new mum. Among all the daily tasks, things to be done, lists and baby duties it is natural one forgets about oneself and things like style and fashion takes a back seat. However, I firmly believe that individuality is one thing that I must teach my little one and as I have always stated styling is one definite and perhaps the most personal stamp of individuality. Here, I share with you style lessons that I’ve learnt after the birth of my darling daughter.

Make an effort: 

When you are exhausted beyond words it is but natural to let go. But one thing I’ve experienced is that sitting all day in my yoga pants however comfortable it seems just leaves me feeling miserable. Taking even ten minutes to put on some kohl, lipstick or a nice, freshly washed t-shirt is happiness in an instant. It brings back my confidence and puts a spring in my step. For a pit stop to the shops to get our weekly shopping done; I chose to wear this oldie but goldie of a floral dress and a long cardigan. It is normcore yet with a feminine twist.

postpartum fashion

Don’t throw away your old wardrobe:

Do not get disheartened and simply throw your old clothes thinking you will never be able to fit. Go through your wardrobe with a fine tooth comb, there would be things like a shirt which can be used for layering. Pack your favourite items because you will eventually fit in them.

Recycle and re-style your old stuff:

Breathe some new life to your old clothes by re-styling and recycling. Your old shirts, cardigans and sweat shirts are great for adding a layer and perfect to hide any sins. When picking new things, looks for elasticated waist–it is an invention that I thank God for every day. Get some inexpensive t-shirts in a plethora of colours to mix with things in your wardrobe.

Persevere and don’t give up:

Yes your little one will spit on you and cover you with dribble. But that does not mean you have to give up dressing up. As stated in the first point, dressing up is not just for vanity but for confidence. And if you can achieve some happiness with something as simple as a dress then why not? It is definitely worth it.

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This year has been euphoric, challenging, extremely blessed yet tiring for me. Sartorially speaking, pregnancy and post-pregnancy have been a period of accepting my ever-changing body and learning how to dress without forgoing style and comfort. Here, I take a trip down the memory lane to showcase that while pregnancy and (in my case) post-pregnancy can be an extremely confusing time for us non-celebrity moms, it need not be too difficult if we accept and respect what our bodies have done and continue to do taking care of a brand new life.

I started this year with this lovely white number. I was almost five months pregnant by this time and I loved every aspect of it. I was probably one of those few women who enjoyed pregnancy.

Little White Dress style

As my pregnancy progressed and my body expanded, comfort became the major factor while choosing any ensemble but dresses like this aqua dress remained my favourite.

pregnancy clothes

By Week 39, I was really tired of being pregnant and felt really enormous. This was also the time when kimono trend started and I brought one on a whim but it soon became my favourite not only during the last days of pregnancy but the initial months after having the baby when most women go through a love-hate relationship with their body.

kimono fashion

I never thought I would such a trouble dressing my post-baby self. But truth be told it was (and still is) part of the issue is I never thought it would be so tough losing all the baby fat. Being told to up my calorie intake and to make sure that I take 2100 calories every day in order to nurse my little one well did not bode well with my vanity. But you got to do what you got to do. I did and started exercising as soon as I could. However, to keep my spirits high I brought some lovely pastel tops with clever details like dip-hem that could hide the wreck done by nature and child bearing.

How to wear Pastels

Green became my colour of the year and I was elated that I could fit in this Indian dress gifted by my mum two months post baby.

Indian fashion

The midi became my new found love. Feminine, sophisticated, glamorous yet fun, the midi ticked all the necessary boxes and I would say that there is no way I am going to stop with this silhouette anytime soon. This black lace skirt is my favourite these days.

head to  toe black

I also learnt that when you are dealing with postpartum blues, you need a heavy dose of happy colours like pink. Plus styling is all about creativity so I thought this was the perfect time to breathe some new life to my old clothes.

pink is my favorite color

As soon as fall hit UK, the blanket coat came top on my list. Perfect for nippy weather….

blanket coat style

…And could be used as a humungous scarf with a bright winter coat.

winter fashion coats

Layering a postpartum body, especially when you do not feel the best all the time can be tough, but not impossible as I learnt.

winter fasihon ideas

Every woman loves the LBD and if you are first time mum like me then opt for ones that can be adjusted and has interesting details. I loved my old-new black dress.

midi dress style

Never underestimate the power of classic things like a trench coat that can instantly pep up your mood and put a swing to your walk.

Fall Fashion

Fall Fashion

Floral dresses are also another wardrobe staple perfect when you want that extra boost. A dark floral dress paired with faux fur is a sartorial match made in heaven.

autumn winter fashion

A simple, long cardigan in black and white is another staple that should quickly find a way in your wardrobe. Perfect to hide a platitude of sins and still keep you fashionably ahead.

black and white fashion

black and white fashion

I am not any closer to my pre pregnancy body and I would be lying if I say that I stay positive all the time. There are days when I truly loathe seeing the mirror but most of time I respect my body and the wonderful female form for enduring the challenging process of child bearing and nourishing a new life. Plus my little one is thriving and generally being a happy baby and that is a joy no so-called “perfect size” can give me 🙂

I wish all my readers a Happy New Year. Have a lovely time with your loved ones and may the New Year bring you health, wealth, love, joy and happiness. See you next year.

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“Pink it was love at first sight. Pink when I turn out the light, and Pink gets me high as a kite. And I think everything is going to be all right. No matter what we do tonight.”–Aerosmith

Pink is definitely my favourite color, a color that cheers me instantly and gives me joy. If happiness had color it would be pink. Whilst black on the other hand is full of mystery and enigma. Combine these two colors and you have a sartorial match made in heaven.

pink is my favourite color

As stated in my last style post, I have successfully managed to NOT shop for a week and need I say I am mighty pleased with myself. I wore this Vero Moda top ages ago in this post whilst the black lace skirt is from this post. There was a time, when I would always match my top to my shoes but I have outgrown the phase. However, this is a throw back to my old days and I have used my hot pink shoes from this post. I have used a structured black bag (from this post) and simple accessories in pink to seal this look whilst the belt is from Dubai.

pink is my favorite color

My body has gone through several transitions but pregnancy and child-birth definitely has been the toughest. As my body is slowly (very slowly) loosing the baby weight, I am often puzzled as to what to wear. Yes, there are days when I just feel so stupid because of my body rather than being proud of it for what it has achieved. It is amazing how women face all kinds of body insecurity after giving birth. Hence, rather than covering up myself in loose, shapeless clothes I make a point to wear something that makes me feel good, happy and confident. As confidence my dear friends is the best accessory that you should always have regardless of your size.

pink is my favorite color


Similar Pink sweater: Warehouse, Similar Shoes: Asos, Similar Skirt: Asos, Earrings: Swarvoski, Bracelet: From India, Similar Bag: Osprey London 

Coming back to the challenge, ladies and gents never say you have nothing to wear because with little bit of imagination you can create different styles for each day of the year. Well yes, almost.

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I don’t know about you but I am a shameless cloth hoarder who should be seriously fined for her impulsive shopping habits. I would buy clothes and other tidbits and it will be relegated to the deep end of my wardrobe completely forgotten. If I use it, it will be used only for once or twice. When it comes to shopping, I am like Becky Bloomwood (from Shopaholic series) I have often brought clothes thinking it can cure of anything. “I love new clothes. If everyone could just wear new clothes every day, I reckon depression wouldn’t exist anymore,” is actually the mantra I live by. If my family or friends stop me from giving in to impulsive shopping, I simply say this in my defense. Needless to say, I am not exactly very proud of this and I am seriously curbing my spending habits. So, I have set a challenge for myself—that I would not shop for a month (God, help me) and actually re-use and re-style the clothes I already have.

As a style lover, I think it will be a great challenge. We often pair or marry things to each other in our closet and assume that it is match made in heaven. But clothes can actually have polygamous relationship and the world will not end if you swap that shirt with a cardigan to go with that skirt (you get the picture). Truth be told, as a new mum who is still learning the ropes, I honestly DO NOT have the time to think too much about what to wear and often have to dash in whatever I find first. Keeping all these things in mind, I think this is the perfect time to start this challenge (mostly for myself).

Fall Fashion

Fall Fashion

With the weather getting decidedly cold, this is the perfect time to get those cozy sweaters, tights and boots out. I brought this flippy skirt last summer, it was worn exactly once for half-a-day and was put in my summer wardrobe, locked and forgotten. I came across the skirt whilst re-arranging my wardrobe and almost squealed with joy (but consumed with guilt the next moment). The oversized was brought for the hubby but somehow never saw any daylight. So, I decided to put the two together and this warm, toasty look for crisp autumn evenings was born.

Fall Fashion

As I mentioned here, skirts and sweaters are my autumn/ fall wardrobe staple. Add few other elements like layered necklaces, tights, booties and a hat and you have a look that is truly legendary.


Sweater: United Colors of Benetton (similar), Skirt: Marks & Spencer (similar), Booties: Asos, Tights: Primark, Hat: H&M, Bag: Topshop, Earring/ Heart Pendant necklace: India, Bird necklace: Local shop in Sheffield. 

Legends of the fall, indeed.

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With the weather getting nippy, I think its the prefect time to get those cosy blankets out. What’s best? This season you can actually wear yours. Ever since I saw Cara Delevinge strut her folklore inspired blanket coat from Burberry, I’ve been hooked. But the Burberry’s prize tag gave me a chill. My high-street version is just as awesome. The blanket coat/wrap is the kimono of autumn-winter. The loose silhouette of the garment does a great job of wrapping and protecting your body whilst keeping you fashionably cool.

blanket coat style

blanket coat crying

I love the versatility of this garment: It can be belted to give some form or worn like a long cardigan or simply like a big scarf.

blanket coat trend

I have paired my plaid style blanket coat with a simple black T-shirt and leggings. I have added a berry colored tote as berry/ burgundy is my favourite autumn colour. It also co-ordinates with the coat. I have used simple silver accessories to compliment the look as I wanted to keep the attention on my blanket coat–the “It” coat for this autumn.

blanket coat style

Blanket coat/wrap: New look, T-shirt: M&S, Leggings: Next, Peep toe wedges: F&F old, Accessories: India/Dubai, Watch: Hubby’s.

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