This year has been euphoric, challenging, extremely blessed yet tiring for me. Sartorially speaking, pregnancy and post-pregnancy have been a period of accepting my ever-changing body and learning how to dress without forgoing style and comfort. Here, I take a trip down the memory lane to showcase that while pregnancy and (in my case) post-pregnancy can be an extremely confusing time for us non-celebrity moms, it need not be too difficult if we accept and respect what our bodies have done and continue to do taking care of a brand new life.

I started this year with this lovely white number. I was almost five months pregnant by this time and I loved every aspect of it. I was probably one of those few women who enjoyed pregnancy.

Little White Dress style

As my pregnancy progressed and my body expanded, comfort became the major factor while choosing any ensemble but dresses like this aqua dress remained my favourite.

pregnancy clothes

By Week 39, I was really tired of being pregnant and felt really enormous. This was also the time when kimono trend started and I brought one on a whim but it soon became my favourite not only during the last days of pregnancy but the initial months after having the baby when most women go through a love-hate relationship with their body.

kimono fashion

I never thought I would such a trouble dressing my post-baby self. But truth be told it was (and still is) part of the issue is I never thought it would be so tough losing all the baby fat. Being told to up my calorie intake and to make sure that I take 2100 calories every day in order to nurse my little one well did not bode well with my vanity. But you got to do what you got to do. I did and started exercising as soon as I could. However, to keep my spirits high I brought some lovely pastel tops with clever details like dip-hem that could hide the wreck done by nature and child bearing.

How to wear Pastels

Green became my colour of the year and I was elated that I could fit in this Indian dress gifted by my mum two months post baby.

Indian fashion

The midi became my new found love. Feminine, sophisticated, glamorous yet fun, the midi ticked all the necessary boxes and I would say that there is no way I am going to stop with this silhouette anytime soon. This black lace skirt is my favourite these days.

head to  toe black

I also learnt that when you are dealing with postpartum blues, you need a heavy dose of happy colours like pink. Plus styling is all about creativity so I thought this was the perfect time to breathe some new life to my old clothes.

pink is my favorite color

As soon as fall hit UK, the blanket coat came top on my list. Perfect for nippy weather….

blanket coat style

…And could be used as a humungous scarf with a bright winter coat.

winter fashion coats

Layering a postpartum body, especially when you do not feel the best all the time can be tough, but not impossible as I learnt.

winter fasihon ideas

Every woman loves the LBD and if you are first time mum like me then opt for ones that can be adjusted and has interesting details. I loved my old-new black dress.

midi dress style

Never underestimate the power of classic things like a trench coat that can instantly pep up your mood and put a swing to your walk.

Fall Fashion

Fall Fashion

Floral dresses are also another wardrobe staple perfect when you want that extra boost. A dark floral dress paired with faux fur is a sartorial match made in heaven.

autumn winter fashion

A simple, long cardigan in black and white is another staple that should quickly find a way in your wardrobe. Perfect to hide a platitude of sins and still keep you fashionably ahead.

black and white fashion

black and white fashion

I am not any closer to my pre pregnancy body and I would be lying if I say that I stay positive all the time. There are days when I truly loathe seeing the mirror but most of time I respect my body and the wonderful female form for enduring the challenging process of child bearing and nourishing a new life. Plus my little one is thriving and generally being a happy baby and that is a joy no so-called “perfect size” can give me 🙂

I wish all my readers a Happy New Year. Have a lovely time with your loved ones and may the New Year bring you health, wealth, love, joy and happiness. See you next year.

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As I enter my third trimester, it is all about celebrating and respecting my ever-growing curves. For my birthday (which I celebrated yesterday), I wanted to feel special and glamorous after all I am going to soon embark on the exciting and challenging journey called Motherhood. I opted for a ruched dress in blue–apparently one of the hottest colours of the season.

pregnancy fashion blog

pregnancy fashion blog

A ruched dress is a great way to compliment your curves and it has just the right amount of glam. Surprisingly, it is also comfortable enough to walk around the entire day. I have accessorised the dress with simple gold jewellery and rose gold pumps. To be honest, I am not a clutch girl. I love big, roomy bags that can carry my world. So, here I have opted for a tan bucket bag.

pregnancy fashion blog


Yes, there are days when I am concerned about my changing body. But, I sincerely feel that this is one of the best times and rather than fretting I keep reminding myself that I am carrying a little person inside. I don’t think pregnancy should be an excuse to forgo your style or loose your confidence because ultimately you are helping to perpetuate life on earth and surely it is more than some numbers on the scale.

pregnancy fashion blog

Dress: Asos, Jacket: Jessica Simpson, Pumps: Clarks (old), Bag: Zara, Accessories: H&M (old), Watch: tissot

As the temperature dipped, I took out my blue jacket to create a cool blue colour blocking effect. The result was surprisingly pleasing and the cherry on top of cake.


I am not the one who blindly follows fashion trends and be a fashion victim but then there are some trends that I just love and adore incorporating. This SS14, it is all about the pastel trend for me. I guess this trend keeps coming back for a good reason: there is nothing more feminine, romantic and deliciously wonderful about pastel colours. My favourite pastel colours? It has to be pink and lilac. I swore by these colours even before it became fashionable to do so. Needless to say, I am rocking this trend even on my 24th week of pregnancy. Who says style and pregnancy cannot go there?

Pastel trend ss14

Pastel trend SS14

Here, I have combined two pastel shades–lilac and pink for a cool colour blocking look (another  favourite) and have paired it with my trusty jeggings and ankle boots. I have added a leopard print bag to up the ante of the look.

Pastel trend for SS14

Sweater: Zara, Jeggings: Debenhams, Boots: Fiorelli (old), Satchel: Topshop, Jacket: C/o Urban Diva

There is an innate sweetness not to mention happiness about the pastel look and  I would be definitely incorporating more of pastels, will you?

As my pregnancy progresses two words have entered my fashion dictionary—maternity wear. One thing I have realised is this: choosing maternity clothes is just slightly different from choosing normal clothes—the only thing you need to be mindful of is your growing bump. Initially, I was a bit apprehensive that I will have to stock up on black, baggy clothes or spend an awful lot of money to stay stylish but luckily there are plenty of options online and on high-street that could help you to stay stylish without burning your wallet.

How maternity sizes work?

First off let’s end this biggest nightmare for once and all. It took me a bit of trial and error to realise that maternity size works the same as regular size clothing (at least in the initial months). For instance, if you were wearing a small pre-pregnancy, continue with the size. You might have to go a size up as you enter your second trimester and a size or two as you enter your final one. Never ever wear non-maternity clothes that are a size or two bigger than your normal size. This is pregnancy not just weight-gain and I am pretty sure wearing frumpy, out of shape clothes is not the style you are aiming for.

In most cases, you can carry on wearing your pre-pregnancy clothes during your first trimester (especially if this is your first pregnancy) but you would need maternity bottoms as you go further in your second trimester. Don’t give in to the temptation of buying belly bands and wearing your normal bottoms. I tried it only to find it is extremely uncomfortable to move freely. And as you enter your final leg of pregnancy you would certainly need maternity dresses and tops as well.

My top maternity wear essentials:

Image credit: Polyvore, UK

Image credit: Polyvore, UK

Good pair of jeans/jeggings: A comfortable pair of jeans or jeggings should be a staple (needless to say). Try out all kinds of style: over the bump, under the bump and on the bump. I do prefer over the bump variety as it makes a nice, little cocoon for the little one inside you. It is also great to pick a pair that has a bit of stretch because your hips will expand too and you don’t want to rush to a store every week. A good pair of jeans or jeggings is definitely a piece you should invest on.

Image credit: Polyvore, UK

Image credit: Polyvore, UK

Dresses: There would be days when you want to feel extra special. Dresses are my go-to style even in pregnancy. Whilst wrap and Grecian dresses are ever popular, I also like swing style dresses. Look for light weight fabrics like lace or jersey.

Image credit: H&M

Image credit: H&M

Leggings and tights: A nice, comfy pair of leggings is great for casual wear. Wear it tees and boyfriend tops for an effortless style. Over the bump leggings are also my favourite gym wear now. If someone had told about maternity tights even a month ago, I would have immediately dismissed the suggestion but as my bump grows I have realised how heavenly these make you feel when the weather out is cold. Keeps you sane, comfortable and warm.

Image credit: New Look

Image credit: New Look

Knitwear: Having light cardigans and knitwear is a great way to layer up. Layering is a must when you are pregnant because one moment you would be feeling cold only to feel extremely hot the next. Having layers would help you keep your raging hormones in check. Cardigans are also a great way to dress up your bump when you are feeling “pregnant” not in a good way.

Image credit: Polyvore UK

Image credit: Polyvore UK

Maxi dresses: There is a reason why maxi dresses are so popular with pregnant ladies—they are versatile, comfortable and there is room for your growing bump. Maxi dresses can work with all body types—just make sure you look for fabrics that drape over your curves without hugging the wrong spots.

Best places to shop:

ASOS maternity: Ever since a former colleague introduced me to ASOS, I have been hooked. And ASOS maternity does not let you down. It is my favourite stop whilst shopping for quality maternity wear especially dresses. They have an array of dresses in a hue of colours and you get value for money, a win-win situation, right?

Debenhams: I like Debenhams for their selection of jeans and quality bottoms. Once again they have a selection suiting every budget.

Isabella Oliver: An undisputed authority in maternity wear, IO is favoured by the likes of Gwen Stefani and Halle Berry. Isabella Oliver is a British company was started in 2003 after the creators saw a dire need of stylish maternity clothes that celebrated a woman’s changing curves. IO has also won the Queen’s Award. If you have cash to spare then IO should be in your list. Their form fitting styles  is perfect during pregnancy when you want to show off your bump (IO is also available on ASOS).

Bottom line when it comes to pregnancy style:

Pregnancy is one the best times to celebrate your curves after all you are housing a new life. So celebrate it without worrying too much about your changing body.