As I enter my 23rd week; it is finally a trip down the maternity section. My blooming curves definitely need more room and a bit of flow. A tunic style top has become my favourite–its super comfortable and can be dressed up or down. I have also added some sensible yet fun footwear to my wardrobe because let’s face it–pregnancy does things to your balance and when you are carrying a little person inside you, it is best to exercise caution.

maternity style white tunic

maternity style white tunic

White is my perennial favourite, this colour can never go wrong for me. A tunic is best suited with a fitting bottom. So, here I’ve paired it with skinny maternity jeggings. I have also added a long necklace for elongating my torso and a bright, magenta heels for  added oomph.

maternity style white tunic

Tunic (non-maternity): Next, Jeggings: Debenhams, Heels: Asos, Necklace: New Look 

maternity style white tunic

Moral of this story? There is no reason to forgo style or fret over your changing body because your pregnant. With some clever planning you can enjoy this wonderful journey high in style 🙂

One of the things I am loving about my pregnancy so far is my gloriously growing curves. I won’t deny that there are days when I DO fret about my changing body but I think I have now a deeper appreciation and love for it. When you first see that growing life inside you; which starts off as a tiny rice grain and develops into a human form you would (and I bet) have a greater respect for your body. On days I feel less than beautiful, I remind myself that a life is growing inside me and all vanity and negative thoughts goes out of the window. And how do I cheer myself up on such days? With a nice, flowing dress.

The Chic Bump

I brought this swing dress from Asos within weeks of knowing about my pregnancy knowing fully well it will be loose for me (it still is but who can resist a good Asos sale ;)).

Asos Maternity

Asos maternity

Dress: Asos Maternity, Satchel: Topshop, Watch: Tissot: Accessories: H&M, Boots: Fiorelli (old)

A swing dress should be a maternity wear staple; the silhouette is roomy enough to accommodate your ever growing curves and it can keep you chic, relaxed and cool all in one go. Not pregnant? Don’t worry you can still swing the swing dress; simply get a size or two smaller.  A win-win situation don’t you think?