I love polka dots and I love floral print. So, I thought why not try both together?


Add a layer (or two) and you are ready to take your floral spring/summer dress to the next season. Polka dots combined with bright floral screams laid-back charm and can instantly uplift your mood (true story!).

Polka dots+floral

Dress+bag: Worn here,  Blazer: Gap (similar option), Wedges: 5th Avenue.

A bright ensemble like this one is my go-to uniform on dull, rainy days.

Ever since Keira Knightley recycled her wedding dress; recycling has become a hot word in fashion (or has it?). Recycling or not, I love experimenting and trying out new things. So, here I am trying to create a winter layer look with my summer and fall pieces.

Winter Layers

Your summer dress  can  be turned into a winter ensemble with some clever layering.

Winter layers

Winter layers

Dress: Asos (worn here), Boucle Jacket: Next (old), coat: Lakeland (worn here), gloves: from Amsterdam, Scarf: H&M (old), Hat: TKMaxx, Boots: Timberland (worn here).

I’ve added Boucle jacket, suede coat, my trusty boots and must-have scarf , hat and gloves to be pleasantly warm after all my winter mantra is: keep calm and stay warm 😉