“You call it madness, but I call it love”–Don Byes


“Sometimes, my mind battles with my heart. And often my heart loses the battle. Because what’s winning when we haven’t known a little love or loved back?”

I know you probably came here expecting my weekly fashion post and even assuming that I would have some date-night outfits or other such inane stuff. The truth is I just do not get Valentine’s Day-a day apparently to celebrate love, wear sexy underwear and prance around with fluttering eyes (really, only one day in 365 days???) Do not get me wrong, sometimes I do get sucked into this giant marketing ploy and in my head make elaborate plans for the day.

But when the St. Valentines arrives, knocking mightily on my door, instead of it warming the cockles of my heart the whole thing sends me into a WTF frenzy!! Admit it: Valentine’s Day is one HUMONGOUSLY overrated day in which we are expected to show our love by exchanging a string of undesired gifts (because we are material people living in a material world and all that )and fancy surprises (because love is nothing if does not come with a huge price tag). It’s not reality. It is  another commercialised facade and we are expected to conform. 

And conforming is something that does not come naturally to me.

Hence, this year instead of even pretending to celebrate it, I am going to throw caution to the wind and concentrate on the rest 364 amazing days of love, laughter and friendship because at the end of the day it is the little things that matter. And if you are in mood to celebrate then here are some ways that WILL warm the cockles of your heart no matter what.


When the husband man without expecting or being told cooks a scrumptious meal. Cooking, is the new candlelight dinner for most parents, add a lit bit of wine and a lot of chatter and you will have a memorable recipe in hand, no matter what is cooking. Any man worth his charm would know that a way to a woman’s heart is definitely through her stomach.

Re-creating the first date: 

Valentines Day unique ideas

Anyone can go to fine dine dating place but why not add an extra zing to it by re-creating your first date atmosphere. This is especially true for those couples who have been together for a while and know everything about each other. This is guaranteed to warm anyone’s heart and give you more than one reason to smile and be thankful for.

Go Outdoor:

Valentines Day unique ideas

No one said Valentine’s Day has to celebrated in an expensive place with expensive shit around. Get out of your comfort zone and go adventurous and pick up an activity you love: be it hiking, a long walk, skydiving or bungee jumping. Outdoor activities take out the pressure of perfection and you would end up having more fun than anticipated and speaking from experience there is nothing more romantic than getting lost up in a mountain or in a woodland.

Get physical:

Valentines Day unique ideas 

And I do not mean the Fifty Shades kind but something more fun (and perhaps less painful) if you and your partner are gym rats or fitness lovers then why not bond on that? Pick a really interesting challenging, head to the gym, compete and see who wins.

Dress Up:

Valentines Day unique ideas

Now this is an activity you can do whether you are single or celebrating the day with your friends. Dressing up is an expression of self-love and self-love is the foundation of any kind of love.

I hope now you realise that it is not about soppy gifts and pricey experiences but little things that go a long way to fill you with love and happiness. I wish, all you people Happy Valentine’s Day.

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By the time a woman realises her mother was right, she has a daughter who thinks she’s wrong

first year of parenting

Last Sunday (on June 7th) we celebrated our little lady’s first birthday. It was a bit of a shock to realise that we have successfully completed one year as parents. As a mum, I have a new found respect for my own mum (as well as my grandma and my loving aunt), who not only raised two daughters but managed it with a successful career. I honestly don’t how she managed it. But what really hit home was how my parents did it all while bringing up two kids.

Most of us often take our parents for granted but only when you become parents you realise the enormous challenge of parenthood. You realise the little adjustments they made and the not-so-little sacrifices they made to make you the person you are. I also wonder how they did it as a team, without letting their egos come in the way as a family and without tearing each other down. This is a lesson we as new parents are still learning.

I have also learnt one thing about motherhood: the days might be long but the years are definitely short.

Now for the fashion part, to celebrate this special event, I wore a beautiful black and cream saree with hints of gold because let’s face it you need a special attire for a special day like this while hubby decided to opt for smart casuals with his Levis Jeans and Pepe London t-shirt. The star of the show, our daughter, was dressed in a pretty little red frock with gold headband and accessories. Yes, she certainly is our little fashionista.

Hopefully, you have noticed the changes in my blog. After a lot of pondering, I have changed my blog’s domain name to style with substance from voices in my head. I honestly liked the previous name but I needed something short and memorable. Since, my blog is a mix of fun and serious stuff I wanted a name that reflects its philosophy hence style with substance. Stay tuned as I would be making more changes to this site–which is my sweat, blood and baby. Enough said.

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“It’s by your side I make home.” 

Hello my beautiful readers, I have been MIA for a while but I have been so swamped of late feeling like deflated balloon depleted of any energy.  However, on a positive note the hubby and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary on Saturday. Honestly, if you ask me I still don’t know how I (we??) lasted that long. I am not going to bore you with a long, winding story about how we met and how our love story started but one thing is this–I really do have high expectations when it comes to love and marriage. And when I say high expectations, I do not mean sweeping gestures of romance all the time, splashing cash on each other and other such inane material drivel.

The loveliest couple I have ever met and known is my awesome grandparents. (You can read their story here). This post, on the other hand, is not a long letter confessing my undying love to him but rather a reflection on this institution (you can ridicule it all you want but at the end of the day for me it is about this: would you rather let some stranger hold your hand and your head when you are all old and wrinkly or someone who knows you like shadow??)

you had me at hello

Marriage is a lot of hard work. At times, I wish it came with a manual. Sometimes, it is a slow dance of waltz where you forget the world  and the troubles that life bestows upon you. And there are times when it is a dance with swords where you unleash your anger, your insecurities and your negatives at each other and still are able to get up the next day and dance to a different tune. With each other of course.

My hubby is not my knight in shining armor. Instead, he is someone who gives me wings. He and I both know that I am the Queen B who can handle any hitch life throws and I can do it because of the confidence and faith he shows in me. It is important that couples realise that they are equal. Equally to be patted on back for all the successes and equally to be held responsible for all the pitfalls.

As cliched as it sounds, it is about the small things that makes a whole lot of difference. Marriage is not 24/7 romance but the fact that you can find joy and happiness in the most mundane things whether it is weekly grocery shopping or cooking with each other.

It is important to let go. Women especially need to remember this. (I definitely do), We tend to bottle up every single thing, our anger, a slight, a silly comment and unleash it with a lot of wrath when the opportunity comes. But I am learning that it is important to let go of the trivial because it must have been trivial if it did not kill you and end your world. So letting it go for real is important for your sanity for your better half’s sanity and your relationship.

Never forget self-love or loving yourself. It is not selfishness; the only relation that matters above everything else is the one you have with yourself. It is pure. It is unadulterated. Self love is highest form of worship. My hubby and my sis always teach me this that if I cannot love myself I cannot actually love my loved ones.

The bottom line is there is no magic pill for a happy marriage or relationship. It simply is about loving, understanding and not taking it all for granted 🙂

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