I think bidding adieu to an exciting year should be done in style (like everything else). For this New Year’s Eve I am opting for a floor length dress that’s simple, glamorous yet roomy enough to shimmy the night away.

Maxi dress style

This year has been quite exciting for me. I achieved a lot and lost some and I cannot wait for the next year. How do I like to spend my 31 st Dec? With my loved ones and friends amidst great conversations, music and food, dancing the night away. How do you like to spend your last day of the year?

Maxi dress style

Here, I’ve opted for a Navy maxi dress with power shoulders and teamed up with simple accessories save for a pair of statement earrings. Yes, comfort is a big factor because I don’t like anything to keep me away from the dance floor ;).

Maxi dress styleDress: River Island, Heels: Clarks (old), Watch: Tissot, Bracelet: Antique, Thin necklace: Swarvoski (gifted), Earrings: New Look, Lips: Mac O

Hope you all have a great and safe New Year’s eve and an exciting, fulfilling 2014. 😀

PS: I am taking a mini-blogging break and will see all of you in Jan until then stay safe, stylish and remember style goes well with substance 🙂

I love monochrome ensembles, I do. 

monochrome fashion

But I love it more when there is a dash of colour because let’s face it there’s only so much greyness you can take when the weather is so brisk!!

monochrome fashion

monochrome fashion

Here, I have added a jacket in blue. The Jacket goes well with my stripe dress and keeps me stylishly warm.

monochrome fashion

Dress & tights: H&M, Jacket: Jessica Simpson via TK Maxx, Booties: New Look, Bag: Osprey London, Lips: Mac, Statement Earrings: Tu, Bangles: India, Watch, Tissot, Eyes: Parrot Eyes (Designer purple, bodyshop metallic eye definer in industrial blue & vibrant emerald)

Moral of this story: don’t be shy to mix your monochrome with a dash of colour, you will be pleasantly surprised.


It seems like tartan fever is gripping Great Britain. Look every which way and you will see at least one person donning tartan; and if you casually browse through British high street you will be spoilt for choice. While many consider Scotland to be the birth place of tartan; according to textile historian, E.J.W Barber, the Halsatt culture of Europe, which flourished between 8th and 6th century BC and which was linked with Celtic populations, produced tartan-like textiles.


In Scotland, the mention of “Highland tartan” first appeared in written record in 1538. Highland tartan was a pattern of colourful criss-crossing horizontal and vertical stripes; this unique design  was eventually used to identify individual Highland clans. Sir Walter Scott is regarded as the person who brought Tartan to Scotland. In the Victorian and Edwardian eras, tartan-clad garments featured in fashion catalogues. By then, tartan was not just for men but had become an important part of women’s fashion. Tartan also developed an air of exclusivity because of its association with the British aristocracy and military.


Fashion, as they say is cyclical. Tartan too has been making the fashion rounds on and off. Tartan made a big comeback in the late 1970s punk era, when the biggest fashion rebel till date, Dame Vivienne Westwood used it as a staple for her garments, it was raw, turbulent and epitomised her punk styling. This was also a time when punk music was a way for youth in the British Isles to voice their discontent with the ruling class. During this time tartan, worn unconventionally, became a popular anti-establishment symbol. With such rich history, it is no wonder that tartan keeps coming back in the fashion radar every other year. For me, tartan is a crucial autumn staple: it is rich, warm and oh so stylish.


Kilt: Next (last year). Scarf: H&M, T-shirt: Armani (hubby’s old one), Boots: Timberland, Tights: Tu clothing, Watch: Titan, Bag: Next, Earrings: Dubai

Here, I’ve gone double tartan with the skirt and scarf. I’ve used a white-tee and brown boots to make sure that tartan remains the main focus. So tell me have you already joined the bandwagon or are you still waiting?




Skirt: Primark, Belt and Earrings: Dubai, Chambray shirt and suede bag: Next, Flats: Claire’s

Let’s face it, there are days in every fashionista’s life when she can just not be fashionably late. You’ve to simply throw caution to the wind, get ready and dash out of that door in a jiffy. A floating maxi skirt is my fail-safe way to look effortlessly put together on such days.

Perfect for those lazy summer days; a maxi skirt can suit most shapes (if you are really petite just add some killer heels) and can be paired with literally anything under the sun. Here I’ve opted for a chambray button down with rolled up sleeves and comfy flats with zebra stripes. I added a belt later on because the skirt was a bit too loose for me and made a knot for some peek-a-boo fun 😉





Boho Pants: Barcelona, Top and hoop earrings: H&M, Bag: Zara, Pumps: New Look, Watch: Swatch, Bangle: India, Shades: Calvin Klein

Never be afraid of who you are when it comes to style as its better to be original than boring. As American writer Gore Vidal rightly said, “style is knowing who you are , what you want to say, and not giving a damn.” So go ahead break some rules and have fun, it’s exhilarating I promise  😉