The soft, billowy wind kisses my cheek.

While the crisp Mediterranean waters

Cools my senses

Warms my heart

And humbles my soul.

I stand in front of the ocean

As the water comes crashing on the rocks

As the sea of people becomes a passing blur

As the sky becomes pink, orange and dark blue

I stand by it all while the sea clasps me in its warm embrace

Whispering to me

That I am home.

They say what happens in Ibiza, stays in Ibiza except of course snapshots of some lovely sights. Here are my picks from my Ibiza holiday.

cala vadella

view from the airplane





(From Top: Cala Vadella Beach, Ibiza from airplane, Sunrise at Sant Jordi Beach, Sant Jordi Beach view from my hotel room, Para sailing at Sant Antonio Beach and the mountainous route to Cala Vadella)