You took me by force inside that car and rolled up the windows;

instantly darkening my world.

You slapped me violently

Bit me abusively

Tore my clothes savagely.

Six of you entered me

Coldly. Brutally.

You pulled my hair

Plucked my nails

Burnt me with cigarettes.

And you laughed through it all

As my body, my spirit and my world was in an agony


I was only 13.

Then you threw me like a piece of dust

My innards slashed with blades

My body soaked in blood

My soul in smithereens.

Yet, I live with my head held high

What did you and the hundreds in

This Civil society expect?

That I would die of shame and hopelessness?

When it is You who behaved less than an animal. 

P.S: Writing is like catharsis; I often write about things which disturb me deeply. I was beyond gutted after reading the Forgotten  Rapes and to take out some of the anger and sadness I wrote this.