If you have been following me for a while, you would probably know that I have a slight obsession with kohl, eyeliners and eye pencils. If you want to buy just one thing for your make-up closet then it should be a black kohl. Nothing is more mesmerizing than eyes can that can speak volumes and a black kohl is just the tool you need to get magnificent pair of eyes. This Spring/Summer black eyeliner ruled the runways like never before. Black eyes means drama, enigma and plenty of attitude. This year from Carven to Missoni to Stella McCartney, black was given a raw and rebellious edge. I loved the black eyeliner look as showcased at Just Cavalli show. It was effortlessly urban and actually quite easy to do. I try to see how this look translates in real life.

As you probably know, I hate using a plethora of products whilst re-creating a look. Here, I’ve used just three products too: Maybelline Eye studio Gel liner, Maybelline Eye Studio Master and Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Mascara. 

Rebel liner tutorial

Take the gel liner first, starting from the inner corner of your eyes make a thin line on the top lid. Stop as you reach the outer corner. Next take the kohl pencil and apply a line on your lower water line. Then apply a bit outside waterline and smudge it slightly with the other end, a cotton bud or your fingers. The smudge effect will give you a lived-in appearance. Seal the look with lashings of the mascara. Voila the look is done.

black eyeliner trends

My verdict: This look has enough drama and pizzazz. The lived-in, slightly messy appearance gives this look an extra punch. It instantly lends you an irresistible appeal and charm. Hence, this is a look that will great in real life just as it looked great on the runway.

graphic liner look

I give this look my full approval for its ease and the fact that it gives you an almost ethereal look. 🙂

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According to colour authority Pantone, the official colour for  2014 is Radiant Orchid. Radiant Orchid has already been featured in many SS14 catwalks and is only showing signs of rising more and more. The colour is the love child of pink and purple and apparently Pantone picked it for its “beguiling charm that can intrigue the eye and spark the imagination.”


Image credit: Google Images

If you want to incorporate this lovely colour in your daily life, I suggest start with a nail polish and lipstick. I checked various brands and here are my favourites:



For nails, I have used Revlon’s Orchid Shade (#555) . A pink shade, it has a micro flecks in silver that gives out a lovely shimmer. I have also used Barry M’s  Silk Nail Effect (SKNP6) for a purple/lilac shade. It’s a pretty pastel shade that gives chic matte sheen.


For lips, I am using Mac’s Up the Amp–a lavender violet shade that has just the right amount of pink and purple. I was using the shade even before Radiant Orchid became the on-trend shade. Pantone further describes that this shade with its enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones inspires confidence and emanates great joy, love and health. Do I agree?

My verdict: As a lover of pink, purple, fuchsia and lilac, I definitely give this trend my seal of approval. I will gladly wear this trend both in day and night. I already have a wardrobe with these colours so it is only natural that I incorporate more of it now. To me, this shade is all that Pantone promises to be. I am loving it, are you?

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This season it is all about going back to basics. The go-to  beauty trend for SS14  is minimal au naturel look. From Balmain to Valentino, the runway was full of beauties rocking the natural, no-make look. The recently concluded Golden Globe Awards too show cased beauties like Margot Robbie to Heidi Klum going for the natural make up look. I am not-so-secretly happy about this trend because truth be told I don’t have the patience or the knowledge to slather layers of make-up to look good.

SS14 beauty trends natural face

The no-make look obviously doesn’t mean no make up at all (much to my hubby’s bewilderment). It means to keep it simple and not slathering thousands of products. To achieve this look, I have only used a wee bit of Rimmel concealer especially on my T-zone, on my blemishes (yes, I do have some) and under my eyes. I have gently dabbed it with my finger tips, next I used Bodyshop’s loose face powder and a hint of blusher (Guava) on the apple of my cheeks. For my eyes, I used a thin layer of Maybelline New York Master Smoky Shadow pencil, just on my lower lid skipping the smoky bit and a good amount of Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro glam mascara. For my lips, I have used my favourite pink-nude shade Mac’s Creme Del a Femme and a generous amount of Grace Cole lip balm.

ss14 beauty trends natural face

I think this look and trend is all about beauty from within. To keep my skin in top shape, I do moisturise and tone it daily but I also have taken my mum’s prized words quite seriously: you are what you eat and drink. Water, is my favourite drink in the world and I make it a point to keep myself well-hydrated (my skin automatically becomes dry on days I don’t drink enough water). I also eat plenty of veggies and fruits (and definitely don’t say NO to occasional indulgences; although it is becoming quite frequent now ;)). I do have blemishes and imperfections but I don’t make a big deal about it and I am happy to skip even this simple make-up on days.

ss14 beauty trends natural face

My final verdict: This is not just a passing trend for me. It is (and has been) my favourite look for ages now and I am glad that it is now taking beauty centre stage.

For a lifestyle and fashion blogger, I am actually quite rubbish at doing make-up. I am your 10 minute girl who would apply a dash of liner and mascara and some colour on lips before dashing off. But, I love experimenting and hence I am hoping to start a new series–trying on a trend–along with my style section. The premise is simple, I try on beauty trends from the runway and see how it translates in real life. And don’t be surprised if I thrash a trend I am and don’t intend to become a fashion victim and in any case this blog is all about encouraging personal style. Today, it is all about the blue eye shadow.

The blue eye shadow was a major hit on the runway. From Marc by Marc Jacobs to Bradley Mischka, models happily strutted with various hues of blue on their eyes. Blue is the colour of this year magazines have got us convinced; so I decided to hop on and test this trend (yes, I don’t mind being a guinea pig for this blog ;))

Trend on trial: blue eyeshadow

I used a mixture of blue eye shadows from Rimmel Glam’ Eyes Quod eye shadow state of grace. For my lower line, I used Maybelline Master Kajal Lapis Blue. To finish off, I used my trusty Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara black.  Ready and all set to go, I was hoping for a va va voom effect.

trend on trial: blue eyeshadow

Now for some real reactions and the bitter truth: while the hubby was not-so-pleasantly surprised and just pursed his lips for reaction. My mom and Father-in-law (all the way from India over skype) gave it a thumbs up calling it “glamorous.” My bravery back, I stepped out my fashionably forward concierge said she loved it and I was pleasantly surprised to see few people giving me second looks in approval.

trend on trial blue eyeshadow

Mission completed but I actually didn’t think it was successful. I just felt this look would be more suitable for night. It is definitely not true to my style. Whilst it looked awesome on the runway, I don’t think I will strutting in blue eye shadow anytime soon (save for late nights and going out with girls). For day wear, I would stick to my blue eyeliner from Bodyshop. 

So will you or will you not try the blue eyeshadow look this SS14? Do share your thoughts.